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Faith of the Heart

Part 1: Chapter 8

Written by DisneyFan-01
HTML Coding by Shadow20X6

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Donald, Goofy, and Marina appeared on the outside of the book.  However, when they opened their eyes, they found themselves surrounded by the heat of flames.  They all gasped when they saw that the whole cottage was on fire!

Mickey cried out, "Watch your heads!"

They all got down and covered as Mickey leaped over their heads and smashed a Nightmare that nearly pounced them.  He landed on his feet and immediately checked the place for anymore.

"That was the last of them, Your Majesty," said Jiminy Cricket.  "Now hurry!  We've gotta get outta here!"

"Everyone out!  Now!" Mickey yelled as he quickly got a hold of Madam Leota's crystal ball and rush out.  

Everyone hurried toward the door avoiding the flames, but Marina sprung back to the room and grabbed the book of Winnie the Pooh.  She hurried out the cottage and joined the group at a safe distance.

"Don't ever do that again, Marina!" Mickey panted frantically.  "You could've been killed!"

"I'm sorry, Mick!" she caught her breath and held the book close.

Mickey immediately placed Leota down and took out his scepter.  He called out, "STORM!!"  And a small cloud formed over the burning house.  It started pouring down rain over the fire and slowly brought down all of the red flames.

Mickey sighed with relief and asked Leota, "Are you alright, Madam?"

She opened her eyes, but remained silent.

Chip walked around her and answered, "No scratches on her.  I think she's okay."

Marina gasped and looked around, "Merlin!  Where's Merlin?!"

Leota answered, "Our magic friend is no longer with us.  The Nightmares took him without a fuss."


"Oh no!" cried Goofy.

"My god," Marina whispered with tears in her eyes, "This can't be!  They got Sir Merlin?!  No!  How could this have happened?!"

Dale frowned, "They ambushed us!  They came in from the windows and even under the floors like slithering shadows!  Like snakes, they coiled around Merlin and faded out with him."

Archimedes crossed his wings, "Whhhoo!  It was just awful!  They kept the King so distracted in battle that there was nothing to do for Merlin.  The next thing you know, they set the whole place on fire and made it worse."

Mickey pounded his foot to the ground, "If I could've just been faster against them, I could've saved Merlin.  Oh, I could just kick myself."

Goofy slumped with woe, "Oh. . . they came when you needed us the most, Mickey.  We're so sorry."

"It's not your fault, Goofy," Mickey sighed.  "We just. . . should've known it to happen too soon.  I had my guard down.  Of all times, I had it down."

Donald's brow lowered.  A glare came to his big blue eyes as he stood up and said, "I think I know just what happened."  He got his hammer out and turned around a few times in anger, "Where is he!  Where's that cyborg!?  I'll tear him to pieces!!"

Jiminy asked, "Cyborg?"

Donald went running around the grounds screaming furiously.  He ran around what was left of the smoldering cottage.  He stopped and jumped around ready to fight anything that was to pounce out at him, "You son of a seadog!  I know it was you!  You're under arrest!  Come out quietly or I'll zap you to an oblivion!  Where are you!?  Show yourself!!"

"Donald!" Mickey yelled.  "Donald stop it!  He's not here!"

Chip called, "He couldn't have done it!"

"He wasn't here the whole time!" said Dale.  "He's still at the palace."

Mickey said, "There was no one here giving orders to the Nightmares.  It couldn't've been him."

Donald didn't want to say he was wrong, "But. . . he. . . he could've. . .  AH, phooey!"

"I just can't believe it," Marina fell to her knees in sorrow.  "We have failed.  Sir Merlin is gone."  Her head fell limp as she tried holding back her tears, "We should've gotten back here sooner."

Mickey placed a hand on her shoulder, "Don't blame yourself, Marina.  It was an accident waiting to happen."

She held his hand and look into his eyes, "But Mickey. . . this is Sir Merlin, the Great Wizard of Arthur.  I feel like we've gone back in time to meet a historical figure and erased him from existence.  I feel so awful about not being here to help."

When he noticed a tear swelling in her eye, Mickey put his arm around her shoulder, "Don't cry, Marina.  It wasn't your fault."

"But it was, Mickey.  If only I had behaved with Donald back there.  We wouldn't have let Merlin want to put us in the book to test our skills."

Donald sighed with gloom, "I guess it's my fault, too.  Me and my temper.  I'm sorry for gettin' yours all tangled up, Marina."

"And I'm sorry for being snappy, Don," she apologized.

While Mickey held Marina closer to him, Leota hovered off the ground, "The three of you have past the test.  It is time to step out and do your best.  You are all a great team.  You must work to together and fight those of bad dreams."

"Madam. . ." Marina sniffled, "We'll be more observant with you this time.  There's no way the Nightmares will set foot or claw into the palace."

"Yeah," said Dale.  "We'll keep you safe and sound."

"I thank you for your hospitality," said Leota.  "I will know to be safe from any brutality."

Goofy asked, "But, Ma'am, just why do the Nightmares wanna go after ya?  Why do they want you and Merlin?"

Leota answered the same as she did before,

"As powers of the Alpha coalesce,
Dark Omega comes to oppress.
When the Talismans of Life unite,
Snuffed out is the eternal light.
Bereft of the flame, order dies,
For the reign of Darkness will rise."

"But what does that mean, Madam?" asked Marina.  "It doesn't make sense."

Leota turned to face her, "That can not yet be revealed. . . or else the worst of bad dreams would be unsealed.  I can only tell you what has been shown.  What is to learn you must find on your own."

Mickey explained while still staring off into the distance, "I guess she's right.  The Master told me the same poem back when I was his apprentice. . . but he also always told me that when a riddle is an answer, one must learn to understand it.  I'll get to research it as soon as we get back to the castle.  Madam Leota, we'll keep you under heavy guard.  You're welcome to the palace."

"And me?" asked Jiminy Cricket.

"You're welcome to stay, too," Mickey answered.  "And you Archimedes."

"Thank you very much, Your Majesty," Jiminy bowed.

"Yes, thank you," said Archimedes.  

"But, uh. . ." Goofy scratched his head.  "Who summoned the Nightmares here?   Shouldn't we search around for him. . . or her. . . or whoever it is?"

Mickey answered, "Yes, Goofy.  I'll have Ward and the guards search the kingdom and keep an eye out."

Leota closed her eyes and slowly lowered to the ground, "The whereabouts are clear of those made from a bad dream. . . but one must remember that things can't always be as they seem.  To the great kingdom we must return and keep what has happened at stern."

"Good," Mickey nodded.  "And we'll all be most safe at dawn since Nightmares can't survive the light."

Minutes later, from Mickey's magic, everyone appeared in the palace gardens.  With Archimedes on Goofy's shoulder and Jiminy on Donald's hat, everyone was glad enough to feel the comforts of home, even though they all had looks of glum upon their faces.

Marina kept the book of 'Winnie the Pooh' held tightly against her as she kept her tears back for Merlin.  Pluto came up to her side and nuzzled against her.  Her attention was caught by him.  A small smile slowly formed on her face as she reached down and began scratching him behind the ear.

"I'll be okay, Plu," she told him.  "Just really worried.  That's--"


Everyone jumped in shock from the sudden explosions of fireworks in the sky.  When they heard the music the colorful explosions were synced to, they all sighed with great relief.

"Phew," Dale wiped the cold sweat off his brow.  "I thought we were under attack or something."

"Whooo," Archimedes ruffled his feathers.  "And I thought I've feared the worst.  I'm getting too old for surprises like this."

"Sorry about that," said Mickey.  "Minnie must've let the schedule of the celebration go on.  That's good.  At least the citizens won't know of what went on.  We mustn't let a panic start."


Minnie came rushing down to the garden to her beloved husband.  Mickey stepped forward and held his arms out.  Minnie leaped and embraced him tightly with a big kiss.

"Oh, Mickey," she cried.  "I was so worried.  Are you all right?"

"I'm fine, Minnie," he answered.  "I'm just a little. . . upset.  They got Merlin."

"What?" she gasped.  "Oh, no!"

"Fear not, Your Highness," said Leota.  "Bring forth to your eyes the dryness.  Our wizard friend was wanted alive.  The bees will not harm who they bring to their hive."

"Madam Leota?" Minnie spoke in shock.  "But... you're the... she's the..."

Mickey placed a finger over her lips, "She's also one that the Nightmares were after, but we were lucky enough to save her from them."

"I see," she nodded.  "It's... wonderful to meet you, Madam Leota.  I've heard a lot about you."  After she bowed her head, she cleared her throat, "Ahem.  Mickey, dear.  I had to continue with the schedule of the fireworks to keep things from being suspicious.  So far, no one in the kingdom knows of the Nightmares being here."

"Great thinking, Minnie," he held her hand.  

"Oh!" Minnie smiled.  "Archimedes.  It's good to see you again.  It's been a long time."

"Same to you, Your Majesty," the old owl bowed his head.

"And who is this?" Minnie spotted the tiny stranger on Donald's hat.

Jiminy tipped his hat and bowed, "It's an honor to meet you, Your Majesty.  Cricket's the name.  Jiminy Cricket."

Goofy smiled, "Jiminy here's a little conscience who got separated from a friend o' his.  He's gonna stay with us for a while."

"It's nice to meet you, Jiminy Cricket," Minnie smiled.  "I welcome all of you to our home."

Mickey noted, "I guess I should say good night to the remainder of the guests.  Marina, do me a favor and take Madam Leota to one of the guest rooms.  And make sure to have two guards to stand at the door."

"Yes, sir," Marina nodded.  She looked to Pluto, handed him the book of 'Winnie the Pooh', and asked, "And would you put this on the desk in the library, Plu?  Be careful with it now."

Pluto nodded and had the book placed gently in his mouth.  As he trotted his way to through the garden, Leota hovered off the ground and came to closer to Marina's shoulder.  She said, "Lead the way, my dear. . . but one thing for you to hear:  A bedroom isn't what I require.  A simple dark parlor room is better to desire.  One where I may meditate. . . and won't disturb others while I levitate."

"Whatever you say, Madam," Marina nodded.  

As the two of them followed Pluto to the door, Donald said, "Now's the time, Mickey.  We need to interrogate that cyborg.  He knows something about all of this."

"Alright then.  After I say good-night to the guests," Mickey agreed.  "But I will not let you be a part of it."

"Ohhh!  Why not?" Donald whined.  

"Because I'm ordering you not to.  I'd rather talk to him with Captain Ward."

"Ah, phooey!" Donald crossed his arms.

"I don't see what good it will do, Mickey," said Minnie.  "I checked with Captain Ward in the dungeon, myself.  John Silver has been sitting in his cell doing nothing.  He hasn't even said a word since the door was locked."

"That's why I need to question him," Mickey nodded.  "Something's just not right."

Marina stopped in the middle of one of the best parlors of the castle as Leota lowered herself on the center of the table in room.  

"Will there be anything needed for you, Madam?" Marina asked.

"Nothing is needed, Marina Seadrift.  I only hope for your heart to lift.  Worry not of our friend.  Courage is what I recommend."

Marina closed the curtains at the windows, "I understand.  It's just that. . . I've never felt so down like this."

"I beg to disagree.  I can see there was a time your heart became shattered debris.  The loss of your dearest lover. . . was hardest for you to recover."

Marina gasped and looked at her, "You know of my husband?"

"I am the voice to those whom are no longer with the living.  It's the truth I am giving.  Is it your loss you wish to discuss?  I shall start a conversation for the three of us."

Marina rushed over to the table with her heart pounding.  She begged, "Oh please, Madam.  I've missed him for years now.  Please.  Is there a way to let him know how I miss him?"

"Patience, my dear.  Keep an open ear.  Your beloved husband asks to not miss him.  For he hates to see you so grim.  He wishes you to no longer be sorrow, for there is always another morrow."

Marina gave out a quiet sigh, "Y'know. . . for many years now, all of my friends told me things like that.  It's been so hard for me to not be sad.  It was always so hard to say good-bye to Robert.  I just loved him so much."

"Your friends of your youth. . . speak the truth.  Your husband hopes for you to be happy forever.  There will always be a way to prevent your heart to sever."

"Must you always speak in rhyme, Madam?  Will you please talk to me straight on about Rob?  Please."

"Very well," Leota briefly closed her eyes.  "Your husband has been wanting to tell you for a long time now that he is glad enough that you have stopped crying for him over the years.  He is telling me now to say to you. . . your happiness was always one of the most important thing to him.  It's now time for you to find that happiness again."

Marina leaned closer to the crystal ball, "Robbie?  If you are listening to me. . . please know. . . I don't think I'll ever find that same happiness I had with you."

"Then it's time for you to find a new happiness," said Leota.  "Time changes everything in life."

"May I please see his face, Madam?  Please," Marina pouted.  "Please.  I wish to see his face."

Leota closed her eyes again for a few seconds more.  When she opened them back up, she answered, "My apologies.  Apparently your request cannot be done until this new happiness is found for you.  Perhaps the next time we have a conversation you shall see him."

Marina sighed with disappointment.  She wanted to bring out her tears and cry for the sake if her lost love, but the thought of her able to see his face soon held her sadness back.  She took in a deep breath and sighed once more.  

"You always made me happy in life, Robbie.  You tried your hardest to make my dream come true and make me the happiest of them all.  It was hard for me to smile after you died.  Luckily. . . Mickey and the others were there for me.  I was never lonely with them around.  But. . . I'll try my hardest, my love.  I'll. . . I'll be happy."

Leota concluded, "Robert Nelson is now leaving. . . but asks that there will be no grieving.  The two of you shall talk again soon.  Perhaps on a night with a full moon."

Marina nodded once, "Until then, Robbie. . . I'll try to be happy.  I don't know what to do next, but I'm sure I'll find it somehow."  She looked up and whispered, "Good bye, my love."
The Nightmares took away Sir Merlin.
Who did it? Why did they do it? What do they want? *bum bum BUM*

The firework celebration I added in, I just had to base it off of the nighttime spectacular Disney World has every night at the Magic Kingdom, "Wishes". Fireworks dancing to the music, the castle changing colors in the lights and things like that. ^^

EDIT!! I added in a scene of Marina talking with Madam Leota about her beloved husband. With Leota being the voice to the spirits, she is able to tell Marina something that her dead husband has been wanting to let her know for a long time. After all, when lovers are parted through death, the departed wouldn't want their lover to be sad for them forever.

Any spelling or grammar errors, please tell me.

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“But it was, Mickey.  If only I had behaved with Donald back there.  We wouldn’t have let Merlin want to put us in the book to test our skills."

Donald sighed with gloom, “I guess it’s my fault, too.  Me and my temper.  I’m sorry for gettin’ yours all tangled up, Marina.”

“And I’m sorry for being snappy, Don,” she apologized. 

++ I am pleased with how Marina's character has changed from the previous chapters, you now have her taking responsibility even though it wasn’t her fault really for Merlin being captured.  You’ve really changed her character from a whiny brat to more of an adult in this chapter.  I am more than certain that she will continue to progress in her maturity much later in this story.  If your intention was to make her maturity grow progressively, you've done well.


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DamaNym Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2013
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He is a widower. 

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And yeah, later in the story when Marina is telling about the death of her husband, she will mention that Goofy was there for her the most since he knows what she feels about such a tragic loss.

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