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Andrea Avrett
Artist | Hobbyist | Film & Animation
United States
Current Residence: Orlando, FL
Favourite genre of music: Pop, R&B, Opera, Rock, Soundtrack, Theme songs, J-Pop, and Soft Rock
Favourite style of art: Disney
Favourite cartoon character: John Silver
Personal Quote: Nobody's perfect, there's no such thing as perfect.

This will be a long journal entry, but I know it will be enjoyable.


I had an amazing dream last night that I wish to share with everyone else. It might be lifting of the heart, especially to those who are Trekkies who still mourn for the loss of our friend Leonard Nimoy.

It started out as any regular dream where many things cannot be remembered after waking up. Even now I don't remember much of the beginning. It's around the ending that got me and I don't think I can ever forget it. As an opinion, it may be a message from above, or on the other hand it may just be a coincidence, or it could be my conscience giving me closure.

Whatever happened at the beginning, I somehow end up on stage at a convention standing next to none other than Mr. Leonard Nimoy himself- alive and well. He was giving out a regular speech to all the Trekkies out in the audience while I was just standing there admiring his words as though I was 'second in command' of said speech. Of course once he was finished, he gave out his famous salute and bids everyone "Live Long and Prosper."

While all the Trekkies are cheering and applauding for him, he simply turns to me with a smile, places a hand around my shoulder and walks me to the back stage as he would with an old friend. I am naturally flabbergasted, shocked, and blushing my cheeks off with his friendly actions of course.

The next thing, I remember every single word as though it really happened (which is a bit uncommon for most dreams) And I'm not making this up as I go along. This is really what happened!

He brings me to a room offering me a drink saying, "I understand that you became fond of my work in 'Star Trek' recently."

"Very recently, Mr. Nimoy," I answered. "Since this April."

"Leonard," he requested. "All my friends call me Leonard."

"Very well. . . Leonard."

"Explain it to me."

"It's a bit of a long story."

"I'm a writer. I enjoy long stories."

We sit down across each other and I start the whole story.

"For my birthday, I got a gift card from my sister for itunes. I decided to rent a few movies with it. Around that time, I was feeling a bit curious about your work in 'Star Trek' since I had never watched anything of it once in my life. I was most curious about it since the day you. . ."

I stopped and looked up at him for moment when I think to myself, ". . . since the day you died."

He is looking at me waiting for me to continue with this very expression Spock would make when he is waiting. I just can't finish that sentence through words because he is evidently sitting right in front me alive and breathing. There was no need for me to finish that sentence.

I add on, "Anyway. . . I just felt that it was high time to see what the big deal was that all the Trekkies see in your films. So, I went ahead and rented the first movie. Would you believe it? I was starting to enjoy it all the way through. After that, I rented 'The Wrath of Khan'. And I'm, like, 'Oh my God. This stuff is great! This movie really is a classic! I've become a Trekkie!'. Then I'm renting all of the other films one by one and enjoying every second of them. I really mean that."

He's smiling at me with a chuckle. I can't help but chuckle along with him as I continue, "It was then when I kept thinking to myself that I can only hope that you, sir, would forgive me for not becoming a fan of yours sooner. I really wished that I had known before how amazing your work was."

"I'm honored," he tells me. "Of course, if it makes you feel better. . . you are forgiven."

My heart is lifted to hear the words from him at first, but I smile, "I'm glad that you say so, but. . . I figured it out a few weeks later that. . . well, I have always enjoyed your work. Ever since I was probably three-years-old, one of my favorite movies was 'Three Men and a Baby'. I was only in college when I realize that it was you who directed that movie. I guess it was because it was near that time I was becoming aware of who you were. First from those funny 'Priceline' commercials you were in. Then in my animation classes, I found out for the first time that you were the voice of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in 'The Pagemaster'. That of which was always one of my favorite parts of the movie. The same time I found out that you were the voice of the king in 'Atlantis'. I always admired the sound of the voice in that character before I realized that it was yours. And I was also starting to like the show, 'The Simpsons' at the time and I really loved that episode you appeared in.  I guess what I'm trying to get to is that I have only recently become a fan of your character Spock. I was always a fan of you, yourself, and it only took your death to realize it."

I nearly choke for what I say. I look up at him feeling so embarassed and confused. I mean my conscious mind is reminding me that he died back in February, but here he still sits right in front of me with that laughing smile on his face. I guess that's when I suppose my subconscious mind is being realistic. Y'know, that moment in a dream when you finally realize that this is all just a dream and you are just about to wake up any second now. For that, reality is finally falling upon me. I stand up knowing that my time is coming up and once I awaken, the wonderful actor in front of me will really be dead. I look away not wanting him to see my tears.

"I'm sorry," I tell him. "I should've known better. I'm sorry."

Mr. Nimoy stands, reaches over and wipes away my tears. With that kind smile on his face, he tells me, "Don't grieve."

With such familiar words that he spoke before as Spock, my heart is lifted up again. Then it's lifted even more as he leans in and kisses me on the cheek. I am telling you, I felt it! It couldn't have felt more real. It is amazing what the mind does in the subconscious.

He tells me as clear as life, "I have been and always shall be your friend, Andrea."

It could be a bit obvious for him to say such a thing in life, but anyone can admit that it is one of his most tear jerking line ever said.

So, I tell him what I've been saying for him for a long time, "And I have been and always shall be your fan."

At last, for telling him that, I have closure. True I know it's all dream but it still felt so real and some say that some dreams can be more of a vision or something like that. My heart is finally calm and free of guilt.

He takes his hands off my face and takes a step back. That's when I know I'm waking up because everything is getting brighter. It's evidently from the sunlight at my window. As saddened as I am to leave, I manage to give him a smile.

"Thank you, Leonard," I tell him. I give him the ta'al/Vulcan salute as I can see everything fading out.

Luckily I see him salute back and hear him say it. Oh, you know what it is he said, it's so obvious, but I'll say it anyway. He says, "Live Long and Prosper, Andrea."

I awaken and I'm back in reality but my pillow was wet from tears.  That was for real. That seriously has to be the best dream I've had for a long time. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if it really was a message from Mr. Nimoy himself. I just feel so content and happy.

Right now, as I am finishing this entry, I am looking up and saying, "I will, Leonard. I really will."

  • Mood: Happy Tears
  • Watching: Star Trek: The Next Generation
  • Drinking: Tea

The best actor of the OLD classic horrors 

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12 deviants said A tie/threeway tie/ect.
11 deviants said Bela Lugosi
6 deviants said Boris Karloff
5 deviants said other
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1 deviant said Max Schreck



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Also, it's perfectly fine to have a crush on a fictional cartoon character . . . even if it's Jon Silver.  I've seen a lot worse, trust me . . . I once had a friend who really, really liked the Horned King from The Black Cauldron . . . and by "really liked", I mean going out of your way to write extremely sexually explicit fan-fiction and drawing extremely graphically detailed fan-art.  Thank God she never posted it on the Internet.  Another friend (male, by the way) had the "common decency" to tell me all about his disturbing fantasies involving Shere Khan, the tiger from the Jungle Book.  I don't know whatever happened to him, but I hope to God he doesn't live near any zoos or exotic wildlife sanctuaries . . . or any animals in general.  Good grief, there certainly are some messed up people in this world . . .

How's your job at Disney World going, by the way?  Any new celebrity sightings?  Let me know if possible.

You're very talented, I can certainly see your art (especially the nature pictures and that portrait of your sister) in some art gallery at a museum.  I wouldn't be at all surprised if that actually happened at least three years from now . . . :)

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